Border Crossing

Passports are required as of June 2009

Criminal record?
If you would like to take a trip to Canada and have a record you can get help from Lucy Perillo at Canadian Border Crossing Services. She can be reached at 1-800-438-7020. Her web site is and her email is

Meat for personal use can be brought across the border. You can bring 11 lbs of beef. No other restrictions on meat.

You should have two forms of identification to prove citizenship. Such as birth certificate, passport, drivers license.

Children travelling with one parent
Child(ren) with one parent may need a written note from the other parent approving the trip outside of the US.

Additional links
Visit our Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario site, then click on border crossing for more information.

Canada Welcomes You
Visit for about as much infomation as you can find on the border. Including transportation of firearms into Canada.

Remote Area Border Crossing Permits (RABC)
The CANPASS/RABC program was designed for travelers wishing to cross the border into Canada in remote border areas usually by water. Learn More

Please call us at (800) 589-2214 if you have any questions.